More than 43,000 youth in the United States have lived in correctional centers and the unemployment rate of people coming out of incarceration is nearly 27.5%. In Texas alone, there were thousands of youth arrested this past year and this group has the highest short-term recidivism rate of any age group, at an alarming 75%.

Jail to Jobs began as an organization to help solve the problem. We realized the only way to truly help these youthful offenders and have long-term success was to assist them in becoming employable. Our goal is to give every participant of our programs the skills needed to gain sustainable income employment. We want our youth to have the opportunity to make positive choices for their lives. By helping them to first meet their physical needs of food, clothing, and shelter, we allow them to access on-the-job training and gain workforce skills. Through our mentoring program, we help them develop character and spiritual skills that will give them the ability to make healthy decisions for their lives. We believe that these four strategies will equip our youth with the necessary skills to enter, and move forward in the workforce. Salt Kitchen is Jail to Jobs culinary program.

Salt Kitchen provides fresh and wholesome meals to the Austin community. We take pride in using the highest quality ingredients and crafting our meals from scratch. We make excellent food easily accessible without the hassle of planning, shopping, cooking or going out to eat.


After completing the Jail to Jobs program, less than 15% of our youth go back to jail, compared to the national average of 75%.

These impressive results come from our focus on employee-based mentoring with workforce development, fostering strong character traits, helping them meet their basic physical needs,  and building inner peace with spiritual development.


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